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    Puck Ragging
    Puck ragging is not allowed at anytime under any circumstances when playing your scheduled league games. If you notice this violation during a game, you should report it in the "Player Violation Reports" section with proof (if possible, record the previous 30 seconds on your console), if you can't provide proof, we will still investigate the violation. Below are the following consequences;

    1. First Offence; $10,000.00 fine.
    2. Second Offence; $50,000.00 fine & 3 game suspension.
    3. Third Offence; $100,000 fine & 9 game suspension.
    4. Anything after the third offence may result in the remainder of the season suspension + any applicable fines.
    Continuously Drawing Penalties
    No player should continuously draw penalties for any reason. We understand with the new game physics (poke checks) that it can be hard to not draw a penalty, but purposely drawing penalties is not allowed. Failing to follow this rule, will result in;

    1. First Offence; $5,000.00 fine.
    2. Second Offence; $10,000.00 fine.
    3. Third Offence; $20,000.00 fine.
    4. Anything further then the third offence may result in tougher punishment + any applicable fines.

    Rage Quitting
    You should never quit your scheduled game just because you're losing. Everyone has bad games. Not only does it look bad for your team when quitting, but any points from any player will not go on their personal stats. We treat it like you never showed up. The following consequences are possible when breaking this rule;

    1. First Offence; $10,000.00 fine + 1 game suspension.
    2. Second Offence; $20,000.00 fine + 3 game suspension.
    3. Third Offence; $50,000.00 fine + 5 game suspension.

    No Shows
    It is the General Managers responsibility to make sure they have a reliable team. All GM's are required to let the commissioner or founders know of who is on there team. If a member can't make it for more than 3 days worth of games, each game further than that will result in an infraction per game. Each member can have a maximum of 5 infractions, anything more than 5 will start resulting in suspensions. If a player doesn't show for more then 3 days worth of games, said member will automatically be placed in the inactive player state, any games further missed, an infraction will be placed on players account with an additional $5,000.00 fine per infraction.

    No infractions or fines will be given to any member if they give their General Manager a minimum of 12 hour heads up prior to scheduled game(s) that they will not be there to play.

    Keep Active
    It is important your website account active by logging in every once in awhile. If we notice that there hasn't been activity in your account within 7 days, your account will automatically be put to inactive, and will have to be reinstated by a staff member. If your account has to be reinstated more than 3 times, you will start to be fined for any time further than that.

    These rules can be updated at any given time without prior warning.

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